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Light Transform your Homes


Proper and effective lighting in the different parts of our home – whether it be the lounge room, bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, garden and entertainment – can totally change and transform the atmosphere and mood which in effect improves the quality of our lives.

This needs knowing your space, what kind of lighting it needs and proper planning.  We need to know exactly how lights work, their purposes, the positions and the configuration where they work best to meet our specific needs.

Before buying your lights, you should think first where they should be placed or fixed in your home and spaces.


Ambient  Light

  • Softer Halogen Lighting to create calming effect and relaxation
  • Use in living room, dining, bedroom

Accent Light

  • Directional light to create dramatic effect to highlight features like alcove, display or fireplace
  • Use in living room where one needs an overall level of light

Task Light

  • Directional, bright, focused light fixed on one position
  • Use in study room, home office
  • Example – halogen desk lamp for reading and working


The Hallway

The entrance hallway lighting should always crate a warm welcoming effect.  Types of lighting to use – hanging pendants, wall sconces, laterns and chandeliers

The Living Room

Being the space where we spend most of our leisure time, we should use easily controllable and functional lighting fixtures – be it floor lamps, table lamps, pendants.   Natural daylight should also be considered.

The Dining Room / Cafe 

A place for interaction, relaxation, family meals and lavish dinner parties.   Strategically place track light/pendants, directly over the table for lighting the food.

The Kitchen

Lighting to consider should be utilitarian and task oriented. Easily cleaned lighting fixtures is also a consideration.

The Bathroom

Modern bathroom lighting depends on the the mood and layout of the room. A single and focused shower downlight is ideal.

The Bedroom

As a place to unwind and relax, the bedroom needs soft and mood lighting.  Lamps or wall lights for reading should be conveniently switched on and off.

The Home Office

Clear and direct light such as halogen desk lamp to illuminate a workstation desk or reading area.  Soft and dimmable lighting when more relaxed mood is required.

Goodluck !!! If you need some help in setting up your lights, please let us know.  We are more than happy to help 🙂


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