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Starry Starry Lights : The Raimond Pendants

The Replica Raimond Puts Pendant Lamp is hailed in the lighting industry as a  “perfect sphere of mathematical proportions that bursts alive with tiny LED lights”.  The result is an astonishing beauty of contemporary feature piece that emits the alluring delicate glow of a starry night.

The original Raimond light masterpiece was designed by the late Raimond Puts, won him the best Woonproduct of 2010 Award (Sanoma Woon Awards).   He was a consummate designer who was attracted to the challenges of making geometric shapes & models and experimented with all sorts of shapes & material in search for the essence and the ideal integration of beauty & functionality.   Thus his aim was creation from minimal means achieving maximum results.

Perfect lights to evoke a sense of space and wonder in your home or in your business spaces.


OL60392/55-02 SPATIAL.550 Geometric Stainless Steel LED Pendant 4200K 500 mm Diameter

OL60392/75-02 SPATIAL.750 Geometric Stainless Steel LED 4200K Come Together with the SPATIAL Pendant 750 mm Diameter

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