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What is Good Lighting and it’s Benefits

Good lighting is a combination of factors that results to better living, well being, happiness and satisfaction in all facets of our lives whether at home, work or social and public spaces and functions.

Good and quality lighting is part of our human needs to function and live effectively. For example we have to have proper illumination in all spaces of our homes in order to go around comfortably. Good and quality lighting takes into consideration visibility whether during the day or night. Tasks at home cannot be done comfortably if there is no quality lighting. In addition to this, lighting also sets the mood and atmosphere in the kitchen, in the living area, hallway, tv room, bathroom and the bedroom. Good lighting also takes into consideration aesthetic and visual effects to highlight and downlight furniture, objects and home architecture and spaces.

Productivity and satisfaction at work is also increased when the spaces and work areas are lit properly and effectively. Public spaces and facilities like the airports,the train stations, commercial shopping areas and parks when lighted effectively become safe and desirable for people to be in.

In Bute Lighting, we believe that lighting sustainability and eco-friendly lighting products are very important factors to consider. How the lighting products are made and designed should be considered in buying your next table lamp, floor lamps or pendants.

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