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Build your own LED Pendant

The HV9693-6080-BLK LED Aluminium profile is a sleek Up/Down that can accommodate almost any LED strip and is specifically designed to be suspended allowing you to create your own custom LED pendant up to 3 metres in length.

Aluminium Black; in a blink of an eye, this profile can transform the look in any room. You can choose to either have two different wattage strips to give an effect to your design. Whether you’re using it to give an even distribution of light in a shop, dictating the flow of a room or suspending it over desks, it’s a welcome addition to public space, retail or office environments.

With a slick architectural finish, it’s designed with low maintenance in mind. The price below excludes the LED strip, drivers and suspension kit as you can customise these components to suit your needs. Get started today with the started with HV9693-6080-BLK-3M….

• Aluminium Black profile for LED strip
• Large Up/Down square profile
• Standard pc diffuser
• Supplied with 2 x end caps per metre
• Optional Suspension Kit: HV9705-9952

To create a custom pendant you will need to order the LED strip, driver and suspension kit as per your requirements.


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